Liszt Ferenc Zeneiskola AMI és Tehetségpont
9022 Győr, Liszt Ferenc u 6.  Tel.: 0036 96 519-362
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Iskolánk Tehetségpont Comenius Szabályzatok Sajtó Fotók Linkek

Gyor's music education has a history of more than 140 years, in which the Liszt Ferenc Music School has played an active role as an independent institution since 1952.

Joined to the music life of high standard  we give the possibility for more than 1000 children to learn instruments such as violin, cello, contrabass, piano,  recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, other brassinstruments, percussion, guitar, saxophone, as well as song and solfege.

Beside our main building in Liszt Ferenc street we teach in 9 other departments.

As a groundlevel art-educational institute our permanent aim is emotional and aesthetic education, and forming young people's musical taste.

Proof of our high quality work is the good achievments of our pupils in regional- and national contests.

Recently all who wanted to go on learning music at the music secondary school were admitted. Great numbers of our former pupils became professional musicians. They work in different symphonic orchestras all over Europe, you can meet them on concert stages as soloists, and they teach  at secondary schools as well as at colleges.

We seek co-operation with kindergardens , elementary and secondary schools, among them the Richter János Musical Vocational Secondary School to help in identifying and developing gifted children.

We have given opportunity for decades to coming music teachers , the  students of the Institute of Music of the Széchenyi István University to visit our classes and  for practice-teaching. We have good relationship to the local Philharmonic Orchestra.

We play a significant part in the cultural life of our town. With the financial support of the local
goverment we organize every year the Festival for Young Musicians, which already has had a long  tradition. More than 300 pupils from 4 counties compete in front of a  competent jury.

We launched a  nation-wide competition for percussion in solo and duo categories in 1994, which is named after our  late teacher Maros Gábor since 2005. 

Together with the Polish minority concil we yearly organize the Chopin Piano Contest for the
 whole region.

At cultural events the Orchestra of the Liszt Ferenc Music School is a worthy representative of us and our town.

Our pupils have a high reputation as participants at different benefit-concerts, as Children for Children, Solidarity for Life/in oncological patients’ favour./ and Lovedays- for orphans in Déva.


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